Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thankful for Much

As I sit here writing is is almost 9 pm on Saturday night.
It's the Saturday after Thanksgiving.
I've been doing my weekly Bible Study homework along with some other reading.
And I've also been thinking about the many things in my life this year that I can be thankful for.
We're coming into December very quickly.
In the past I have used my December prayer times to narrow in on the next year. That is where my almost 10 year habit of naming my upcoming year first came from.
Starting tonight I will start to focus in on what next year will bring.
Past year's have been "Joy," "Change," "Healing," and "Hope."
That's just to name a few.  :O)
I have no idea what 2013 will be. But I am really looking forward to finding out.
Tonight I am thinking about the new friends that 2012 has brought. Some of them I can already tell will be the friends that are more like family than "just friends."
I am so very blessed to have a both a biological family that is awesome and a friend family too.
I remember once hearing that most people could count their lifelong friendships on one hand.
I have a quiver full of friends who are not going anywhere... and I've pushed some of them to see. :)

This year has been one of great upheaval and change. There has been drama (and trauma... thank God for great hospitals and ER doctors). There has been new life. There have been new relationships formed.
There has been a new family created.

2012 was a year of untold joy and blessings with some emergency room visits thrown in.
And did I mention the many ER visits? I did. Oh good!

I have nothing else to add here really. But I did want to ask something of you. If I can pray for you, I would count it such a privilege. I've added so many of you to my little prayer binder and have loved it so much.  Please do e-mail me; use facebook/twitter, or comment here.

Finally I have to say that every single person who takes time to read what I rambling-ly write blesses me immensely.
Thanks for spending a little bit of time here.

Blessed  Much