Monday, October 22, 2007

The Setup

Ok... Short Blog I think.
But I needed to get some tips on record for those of your considering "the setup" aka the blind date for friends.
1.) Remember that the person you set up will take as a character reference your friendship. So, if you want to keep your friend, make sure you at LEAST know that the intended set up is someone they will relate too and not a serial killer. Just because we're single doesn't mean we are "perfect" for every other single.
2.) Remember that the person you set up will pay attention to who you have set them up with in regards to your opinion of them. SO if you set me up with some freak who has no manners, hates his momma, picks his toes in the car, or something equally scary I may think, that you think that I am a freak too!
3.) If you DO successfully navigate the set up and we end up together you get bragging rights. So all things aside... go for it. :O)