Tuesday, May 04, 2010


So Brent Riggs is hosting a "Where did you get your nickname from?" Linky, and it seems like a good time to answer an actual FAQ!

How in the world did I get the nickname "Ginabob?"

People from all ranges of my past still call me that name. But where did it start?

It started in highschool.

We were doing a project (don't judge me for the upcoming stereotype ok? :O) on the Vietnamese relocation to Ft. Chaffee.  We kept interviewing people whose last names were spelled all different ways, but were always pronounced "winn." Some of these names had no letters that could, at least in our minds, justify the pronunciation.

So we decided that we would rename each other.  My name was "Bob" spelled G-I-N-A.

By the end of the project several friends called me Bob which morphed by college to be GinaBob.  Years later - it has stuck!

That actually was my second nickname.  The first being (thanks to my brother Gem) "froggy." He still calls me "froggy" most of the time and he tries to get his kiddos to call me Aunt Froggy. This is all due to the fact that I am ridiculously double-jointed and used to sit/sleep a bit weirdly growing up. 

Side bar - don't do that... or let your kids do that... because it will accelerate their inevitable knee problems in later life from being double jointed.  :O)   End side-bar.