Sunday, August 11, 2013


Tomorrow starts round two of the START Experience. We've just completed round one. I didn't get everything accomplished that I had set out to do, but I did get some clarity on what I should be doing. That may make no sense to anyone else. But it's big to me :O)

So for round two:
More consistency in my writing.
Sharing my writing.
Asking for some bold critiques. But I'm not a fan of being critiqued. (Who is?!)
Round two is coming on much as round one did. This is a busy time for me. We're closing on the house in just a little over two weeks. I'm having surgery in THREE days.
There is a lot going on. 
But I keep asking myself this question: "When is there not a lot going on?"
Things are probably just going to get busier from this point on. So this is a good time to learn some time management skills and just suck it up!  /pep talk

Meanwhile, I keep praying for something very specific and unsharable. I keep believing that God is in control. I keep praying that He will just HURRY THE HECK UP.  but i try to be patient in the mean time....

In this moment, I am going to live like tomorrow is my answer day. For this moment I am going to walk forward in absolute faith that tomorrow is my day.  

Here's all my hope.

- Take that fear!