Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful for much - aka my husband rocks

Sometimes I have absolutely nothing to say.
This has almost been one of those days.
Then I realized that I am hitting some interesting days with the holidays coming up. There are a lot of firsts in my immediate future.
And I wanted to be all introspective and wise about it.
But I'm not feeling anything all that wise... mostly just introspective.  :)
These are some weird days for me.
I've been jobless since January. I've been out of school since August of the year before that (2011).
I've done just about everything I can think of to try and find a new job for the last two months or so.
Nothing is happening.
Well, lots of things are happening, just none that I can see and nothing job related for sure that I can see.

Like with most things in life I am getting to wait it out.
Hopefully, unlike most things I have waited for, this wait will be quick.

Anyhoo... I started this out to say this:
I have a husband that I love so much that love isn't a strong enough verb.
He was, without a doubt, completely worth the years of singleness that led up to him.

He is super.
Sunday at church I got to brag about how awesome he is. And I got to hear some other people brag on him.

Seriously - if you don't know him, I am sad for you! That's how rad he is.  :O)
So there's that.

I love that he takes the trash out. I hate taking the trash out. But I never even have to think about it these days. He rocks.
I love that he works hard and long at his job to provide for us. I am a well taken care of woman!
I love that he prays for people first. It's his default setting. I'm not sure I've known someone so quick to say "let's pray about it," or "let me pray for you."
I love that he is honest about his failings... they are few... but none of us is perfect. :)
I love that he looks for ways to serve other people. He actually does so much behind the scenes that no one ever sees. He has one of the truest servant's hearts I've ever seen.
I love that impish twinkle that comes into his eyes when he is teasing or pestering.
I love that he can make me laugh even on a cruddy day.
I love that he tolerates (and I daresay is learning to love) my obsession with a certain football team who are torturing me this year.
I love that he loves me.

Finally, and most importantly, I love that he loves God with a passion I never have to doubt or question.

I am thankful for much.
But this year, and hopefully many more years to come, I am especially aware of and thankful for my wonderful, handsome, Godly husband. I pray that I never take a second with him for granted.

And in my prayers for many of you (my single girls... you know who you are) I am praying for your "Biff the Biblical Stud" to come soon.

Happy Thanksgiving week!