Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's Not a Call to Action.

In my quest to be more "here" I think that sometimes I try to be clever or profound when I should just start typing.
Tonight is one of those nights.
I don't feel clever or profound.
As usual, I have about a dozen things rattling in my brain for attention.
I bounce from concern to concern; thought to thought; never staying too long in one place.
I do a lot of solving.
But in most of these cases God has not called me into the solving business.
I'm a fixer.
So hearing a problem, or living a problem, that I cannot fix is just short of torture.
Often we are called upon to "do."
Many times God's clear direction is to step into a situation and bring healing, hope or redemption.

But sometimes we are left in waiting mode.

Sometimes God's clear direction is to listen, hug, be present or simply pray.
As I type "simply pray," I realize that somehow it seems deficient.
It is not.

Prayer is powerful.

Lately I have wondered a lot about how many of these situations would change if God's people would STOP just reacting to the situations of our world and our lives and start diligently praying.

Life without prayer for a Christian should be like like without air - impossible.
But I think we suffer a great lack of prayer in our Christian lives.

We take life too lightly. We value the power of prayer to slightly.

So here I sit tonight realizing that out of my dozen situations there is not one call to "do" but many calls to pray.

So I will.

How can I pray for you?


Oh - but something that totally IS a call to both action and prayer!  :O)  Check out the Compassion Peru trip that is happening right now.  This post by Angie wrecked me in a good way!