Monday, November 19, 2012

Eating normal food is scary

Eating normal food is scary.
I first realized this a little while back. But I was struck more by it on Sunday.
It was the first Thanksgiving meal that I've come up against.  :O)
I'm 5 months out from surgery. So I'm eating a bit more normally.
My biggest concern has always been returning back to bad habits.
These kind of "eating holidays" were part of that concern.
So far, so good.
But it's weird to just get a tablespoon of the yummy treats instead of a cup. 
Ah well.
Life is good.
Food is actually more enjoyable in a lot of ways for me now.
I'm learning what I actually like.
I'm learning to savor and enjoy it.
And I am finding that some things I thought I liked, I really did not.
It's easy to like things when you're swigging them down with 32 oz of sweet tea.

That's my update for here and now.
I'm at 86 pounds now and pretty much holding steady there.
I figure once my body gets over losing that much, that fast, that I will start losing again.
Until then, I learn to like exercise and trying new things.