Thursday, April 01, 2010

What's on my mind? Nothing!

So a couple of days ago I talked about my goals which are now posted permanently to the left.
Help me out by asking how it's going. Some of you already have - THANK YOU!  :O)

I love, love, love hearing from so many of you that you are setting goals as well. Let's do it peeps!

I'm thinking tonight about what the next year holds. I just have a feeling it holds a lot.

Every year I "name" my year. For a lot of December I pray, think, and journal about where God has me and then get to the heart of where I think we're going in the next year.

This year is "healing."

I always think I know where we are going and I am almost always wrong! But my word has always nailed the year in some way.

I'm ready to be different. I'm ready for things to be different. 

I. Hate. Change! But I need different and I need change. Change is good. When you don't change it means that you are stagnant and I don't ever wanna be there. Go change!!

Frankly, my mind needs healing. My body definitely needs healing. It's an emotional, spiritual, and physical thing.

I'm ready to push through the ugly and be better and be who I am meant to be.

This year - healing - change.
It is scary and overwhelming to me but it is time.

Come with me! Get over it (whatever it is for you). Get through it.
Let's Go!

Hmm... guess there was something on my mind after all.  :O)



Debbie said...

I love it that you name your years. That is so cool! I also hate change, but need it badly. Case in point: I bought a house. Big change; lots of work to get moved. I'm so glad I did, though. It's turning into a good thing. Change is never easy, but the results are worth it. You go, girl!

Gina said...

It's almost odd sometimes to me how much God has done at the beginning and end of each year through the naming deal. And there have been times throughout the year when I am brought to my knees at what God has done in line with what He has promised.
SO faithful! :O)
Good on you to take some changing steps this year. So happy to be getting to "re-know" you through the internet!!

Debbie said...

Yes, He is faithful. He has proven Himself over and over to me. The Easter season has really impacted me this year and driven that point home again.

I am glad to get to know you again, too. Unfortunately for me, I don't feel like I really knew you or anyone in Jeremy's class very well, even though I was around the band all the time. It was a volatile time in my life, and I was very shy and insecure back then.