Saturday, April 10, 2010

Goal Check!

Well I intended to do the goal check up on Wed but didn't get to it.  :OP
So I'm taking it on Saturday.
So far - mini-steps are going to have to do for this week. I got almost none of my exercise in, not all of my water, and my food was horrible.
One of my biggest challenges seems to be bedtime. If I could get to sleep, then I could get up in the morning and work out. That's throwing me off.
I'm used to sleeping with the TV or something rolling in the background. When I've tried to nix it I have paid for it with no sleep.
Anyone have tips that have worked for them to break this habit??

On the plus side I have not given in/up. And that has made a difference in my attitude. I'm hanging with it this time; in part because I have people in my cheering section and keeping me accountable.

Starting next week that ramps up a bit with a scale watcher. Can I tell you how much I hate anyone seeing that number but me?  Yeah - not a fan!  But it's another level of accountability so I am in!

So today I am on target all around and set to purge the house (and pantry) of some junk.

Oh yeah... and as for the scale... I am considering purging it from the house too. Hiding it didn't stop me!!! :P

Happy Saturday everyone! Keep going.  :O)


Anonymous said...


You are a trip.

The scale-thing is definitely a step in calling yourself out. Congrats. And don't be embarrassed. Just know that it's a starting point. A place a year from now that you can look back and say, "That's what I USED to weigh"...

As for sleep, I use music. Light and relaxing. Something meditative maybe?

Just a thought...


Gina said...

Thanks Eric!
Good suggestion on the sleep. I need to find my iPod dock and try it out. Headphones are tough to sleep with. :O)

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

Thank you for prayers... I really appreciate them.