Monday, March 01, 2010

I Promise.. My Eyes are Brown

And I promise that there are pictures of me where I don't look possessed... but those pictures aren't rejects so they don't qualify.
Yes it's that time again. My friend Melissa's Photo Album Rejects day is here.

This picture comes from roughly 12 years ago. I'm sporting a dress that mortifies me to look at.  :O)
AND the expression. I'm not sure what that is. I will say that the person (and I cannot remember who he was) beside me has a similar expression! I'm on stage at the time, which makes this more mortifying - do I make faces like this often on stage?  I hope not?!?

Thanks Melissa for giving me a reason to air these.  I already have some good ones lined up for the upcoming months!
-Gina (I'm a she-devil) Bob


Superchikk said...

I don't know if I can say anything more than, "Wow."

Knowing you were on stage, possibly in the early-mid 90's, I'll bet you were doing hand motions to a song. We are Baptist, after all.

Gina said...

Sadly... because I at least know why I was on stage... I am certain that is not the excuse. It's TERRIBLE really. :O)