Sunday, March 21, 2010

The First Thing to Go

Ironically the first casualty this weekend was the bathroom scale which now resides on the laundry room shelves.
There is shall stay for a while.  Not sure how long yet.
One thing I realize about myself is that whenever I start something new the first thing I do is weigh. And then I keep weighing - often.
Soon the numbers become the gauge of how the days have gone. Frankly that is no way to gauge how the day has gone!
The new gauge is going to be what I've done as far as what's gone into my body and how much work I've put into my list (you know I love lists... you know there has to be a list coming right?!)
I'm still formulating the details of what this will look like. But have started out with just doing the same things I know to do already.
Oh and don't worry----- I still have a scale.
The Wii-otch** can weigh me when I work out!

**Wii-otch is my affectionate name for skippy the scale that comes with Wii fit. I hate her... I know you shouldn't hate anyone... but I do hate her. She says ugly things like "ooohhh" when you step on... and "that's obese" (while your Mii hangs her head in shame) after she weighs you. Sorry - oversharing again I know but who am I kidding right?!  :O)
Ok - night... I have some journaling and list making to do!


Alece said...

oh my dang, i do the same thing.

i've had to hide my scale on occasion as well, to force myself to break that cycle. (cause otherwise it's just too damn defeating and discouraging...)

Gina said...

Thanks Alece! It's encouraging to know that someone else has that struggle. Again it's one of those things that makes you think you're either neurotic or just nuts!