Monday, March 22, 2010

When I Figure It Out

I keep waiting for my "aha" moment. But I'm thinking that this time around I'm not going to get that.
This time around I may not have that magical moment that just gels into my brain.
I was e-mailing a friend today about Beth Moore's new book.
It's called "So Long Insecurity"
Perhaps you are in that vein of person that has no insecurities. If so - what the heck are you doing reading something written by ME the queen of insecure? Heh?  Rethink please.  :O)
I kid... I kid...

This book has been eye opening for the same reason that my Friday spill and the resulting e-mails and personal conversations (ME TOO moments) have been eye opening.

Beth Moore struggles with insecurity. Not only that people, but within the pages of her book are examples of numerous other women who struggle. Praise God - that some of them are even rowing in the same sea of insecurity as me.

Now I do not like to know that anyone is suffering. I sure wish that we lived in the World that God intended.
But we don't. We live in a fallen world and things are not going to be perfect.
Hallelujah friends - that means that I am not going to be perfect either.

So while I battle with my lifelong struggle (and the daily stuff that is thrown in for good measure) I have gained some valuable assets over the last few days.
In coming clean I have gotten several "me too" people. THANK YOU - and if you haven't let me know you're with me... please let me know so we can encourage each other.
Reading and commenting is so encouraging to me.

In coming clean I have gotten to hear some much needed encouragement.

The Goal is not perfection. The goal is progress. So mark today up as success!


Debbie said...

I, too, suffer from insecurity. I have never felt I measured up. Thanks for the tip about Beth Moore's new book. I love her! I went to one of her conferences in Hot Springs several years ago.

I also have a blogspot if you like to follow blogs.

Christmas said...

Oh dear, me too. I still would like to say that you and I - and not meaning any offense to the path they are on - but Diana & Mary too. Probably harness the greatest amount of not wasted, but misplaced potential known to man. Genuis level IQs all, and none of us doing what we thought we would be. All happiness aside, I think we all thought we would be doing more with the gifts given us, and at times feel a sense of failure in that. I know I do. I was supposed to be this brilliant astrophysicist - solvist the mysteries of the universe while inspiring the next generation in my classes as the favored professor. I spent last week tutoring High School English. I got offered a gig today in property management. I don't even have a Masters yet. My big accomplishment of the week is learning how to work my new ipod. I'm thrice divorced and dating well, lets just say he's going to be a bff eventually. I'm too busy having FAIL to be insecure, lol.

Gina said...

Debbie you should definitely check it out. It is GREAT. Will go check out the blog. I have to link to remind myself! :O)

Gina said...

Oh Chris! We only fail when we don't learn something and I think we've learned PLENTY!. And that's why I keep saying "my goal isn't perfection it is progress."
I think the other thing I keep reminding myself is how much life is still ahead. Maybe we're not were we thought we would be but we are where we are.
So we push on from here and work to make life what we want it to be.