Friday, March 19, 2010


Here's what I'm thinking.
I'm just refusing this crappy, weird winter blast that is threatening to hit us this weekend.
Absolutely just refusing it!
I have plans. Plans with my super boy friend and then plans to be at my wonderful church. I like adjectives have you noticed?
Plans that do not include snowfall or sleet.
They didn't really include rain either, but rain I can beat off with an umbrella.
But SNOW - seriously, it's flipping 67 degrees outside right now.

I know that this stuff coming right now cannot stick to anything because it is, let me repeat myself, 67 degrees outside right now!!!


Summer - get here already. M-k?

We'll return to your normal bloggyness (whatever that really is for all 7 of you I recounted - WOOT) later after the panic of SNOWSTORM - MARCH 10 passes.

Hugs and kisses