Thursday, August 24, 2006

Singing in the Elevator

Have you ever noticed how people just get quiet on elevators? Well they do. It's weird.
You might even be talking right before you get on. But somehow when the doors close so do the mouths.
So this morning I get on the elevator with three coworkers and one of them says "Sing-a-long"
And the four of us go up singing "Aaaaamen, aaaamen, Aaaaamen, Amen, Amen" :)
I think I shall start out every morning singing amen in the elevator. he he he
Tomorrow is finally Friday. And thank God for that. I have my first test this week.
I'm just overwhelmed lately. But then who isn't these days?
Tonight I am waiting on the phone to ring. Who is calling Gina? Wouldn't YOU like to know.
It's funny how waiting one something seems to make it not happen. Maybe that is just my experience. Yeah. I am sure that is it.
God is teaching me something in a rather harsh fashion this week. It's about being obedient - just because. You know when you tell a child to do something, sometimes it is just because it needed doing. It's not because you wanted to give them something. I guess I need to keep that perspective. Being obedient carries it's own rewards and that is the thing that I need to be reminded of sometimes. That is this week in a nutshell.
Oh and I also learned that my Sunday learners do listen. After me using the word "hovel" this week and most of them laughing because they didn't know the word, one of them came back and said "I used 'hovel'" this week. :)
Look it up!