Tuesday, August 15, 2006

On A Break

Relieving on the switchboard here at work. It's always an adventure. I have finished my list of things I can do while not at my own computer.
So here I sit... la la la...
Fun things to note from my day:
Many married people love to play matchmaker. Not many of them have set me in their sights.
But those that have are quite amusing.
For the record - many of us singletons (I didn't say all) enjoy knowing that you think we'd be perfect for your neighbor's best friend.
However I must throw in a big red caution flag. Use the "set up" sparingly and only with someone you know the other person would really be interested in. Your single friend will take your recommendation as a judgement on what you think of them.
If you choose scary bubba from down the street because "Hey... you are both single."
Well that's just wrong. :O)
And do ask first. The set up ambush can get ugly.