Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I am not particularly scared of spiders.
I have never been particularly scared of spiders.
However, being pulled out of a nice quiet evening by screaming and walking in to find a giganto spider will make an arachnophobe out of anyone.
Seriously, the spider was like rat sized! Ok, maybe not quite that big. But it was ugly and large enough to requre a full force smash to kill. Ugly enough that my roommate shut me in the garage to kill it. :)
Yes, I kill my own spiders. Well she would have too, but she was the one who had to live through it walking between her feet! I read once that guys don't like girls who kill their own spiders. I am sure that is some kind of stereotype thing.
Rest assured if it is not a stereotype deal, and someone tells me that, I will learn to scream and jump up on a chair. Just like I do when here is a mouse... shudder... shudder... I hate mice.
When I was a teenager I was taking a bath, and a mouse had just eaten some poison out of one of those traps. And it drunkenly staggered into the bathroom and kept hitting the tub over and over again. I had to get my grandmother in to kill it before I could get out. ALSO I stepped on a poison drunk mouse once. This started the infamous broom flogging incident that my family still laughs about. Spiders = bad. Mice = evil.
I started out to write about the huge beautiful moon tonight but I have been completely derailed.
Oh well.
I see the moon. The moon sees me. The moon sees the gigantic spider carcass in my garage.
Night everybody.