Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's Been a Day

The funeral was today. As I was sitting there watching all the people around me I was thinking about the oddest things. I realized that funerals are a huge part of the release that is needed for grief. You listen to a thousand stories and try to find words. I love you is heard over and over again if you are blessed. My friend and her family were very blessed. You can tell a lot about the character of a person by their funeral. There was laughter and tears and years worth of memories lived over in a, too brief, moment.
As we sat at the graveside the rain that held for so long came pouring down. And it poured and poured throughout the graveside service. Then as we closed in prayer the rain dried and there was the sun. So it goes with life after loss. There will be moments after moments when the rain just pours in grief... then in comes the Son. I think the biggest key to funerals is just that. When we, as Christians, say 'goodbye' over a gravesight we really say 'see you later.' For us there are no true goodbyes. Soon the curtain will part for us all and He will call us home. I don't know about you, but I am going to run to Him. I believe right behind Him will be face after face last seen through a sheen of tears. For tonight I know those will be my last thoughts as I go to sleep.
Other than this - treasure life. I think we forget this all too often. Don't forget to live it every second, for all that it is worth. Make tomorrow count.