Sunday, October 15, 2006

The End of an Era

I finished last night at 11:30. The last paper has been turned in. The last test has been taken.
It isn't official I suppose. I won't have my diploma for months. But the work is done and I am now a college graduate!
I'm in this really thoughtful mode tonight. This has been a big year for me. I turned thirty. I finally graduated. The Razorbacks are moving UP in the rankings. And it's only October! :O) Still time for some accomplishments.
I'm in a hopeful mood. The biggest reason is that all of these things spell something.
It's a huge - Yay God, as one of my coworkers would say.
There are so many ways in which this looked doubtful. Along these last two years God had to provide over and over again. If you walked through this with me, you can understand how amazing it really is. And in the end I can see how He timed out even the delays.
It's a good reminder to me that even the low points have a purpose.
So now I am off to set my next goal - what to get a masters in.
I'm thinking sleep management.