Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Waiting for Saturday

The buildup started after my Hogs whipped up on Auburn.
And it just keeps growing and growing every week!
So in just a few short days I will take my place in the bleachers for the last Fayetteville home game for this year. Might be my last game of the year. Or I might just have to catch a bowl game. :)
All this excitement is just wild.
I have two thoughts running around and around so I will just throw them out here.
1.) I cannot emotionally handle a close game. I don't do tense well!!!! So we better dominate first AND second halves this week.
2.) I cannot believe that I get to be at a game that ESPN Gamecenter is at! Wow. Talk about blessed.
I often reflect on the other season enders that I have sat through at this same stadium. Some of them have been rough to put it mildly.
But my first, and so far most exciting one, was against TN just a few years ago. Refreshing memories - we won... they tore down the goalpost... and I was right on the field.
Go Hogs - STOMP Tennessee