Monday, January 03, 2011

My One Word

For years I have always named my year. One year was "Joy." One year was "Faithfulness."
My year is always something that I need to work on that year or something that I hope for.
Some years are a promise from God to me of where we are going that year.
One of my blogging peeps does the same type thing. This year she is challenging people in this area via her blog. FYI... if you don't read this blog make it a MUST visit!

This year I have had trouble finding my word.
Due, in great part, to my struggles of the last few months (that blog is still to come I promise!) I have not chosen a word yet.
I have prayed, read and thought. Nothing seemed obvious. Nothing seemed right.
I have been a bit discouraged by this fact.
Today as I was reading over some of the other "One Word" people... it hit me.


It's a scary word for me. I am resisting it honestly. I think I'm blogging it so I can't back out.


More to come on this... I am sure. I'm still trying to talk myself out of having heard this!

Change, Changing, Changed


Alece said...

"change" IS a scary word. you are a brave soul for choosing to focus on it! honestly, i think your choice to embrace change will make every change feel completely different. you're going into offensively rather than just letting it happen to you. intentional. purposeful. so not easy. but so so courageous.

i'm gonna enjoy changing with you this year, gina!

Gina said...

Thank you Alece! :O)