Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So that's my word for 2011. And it still scares me.
But I know that things have to be different.
Yes I am still being vague.
Yes that is intentional.
This week has seen some subtle movements in my life that I pray are the indicators that something is about to give.
I believe that God is still working.
Why? If you go back and read the post right before I posted about my chosen word for the year... you'll notice my closing hope. I posted this while I was still struggling to pick my word!!

"I’m still here.
I’m still fighting.
I believe in change.
Sometimes I even still have hope in change."
It was meant to be. :O)
For now. I need some time away to think, sing and pray.
God is good to me, much better than I could even ask.
I've been going back in my mind to a pivotal place in my life. A physical place where God showed me something amazing. The Beth Moore study I am doing mentioned last night that sometimes if you think you've strayed from God's place you need to go back to the place you last met Him powerfully. I think, I shall.
I await His movement and change.


Jeff said...

I still love this picture and not just because I took it. Love you lil sister and praying with you.