Saturday, October 27, 2012

Progress Pics - Almost 5 months

Well since I'm a bit stalled out right now weight loss wise at 83 pounds (which is totally normal at this point in the journey), I decided to check my measurements. Those are definitely still changing.
Today is the first time that I have really looked at the before and after pics.
Woot!  :O)
Even I can see the difference here. Though, to be honest, I do NOT see it in the mirror. That is a whole other post!

Anyhoo... here is my picture from the night before surgery - 6/11/12

Picture from last night 10/26/12

Sweet!  :O)



Anonymous said...

Love your progress photos. You've come a long way. I'm just starting out. It's a tad overwhelming. Prayer and more prayer along the way for me. You're very inspiring.

Gina said...

Thank you Sharon!
Overwhelming is the perfect word.
But you can do it!