Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Baby Stepping (aka... I'm doing the work... gimmie, gimmie)

Those of you who know the movie "What About Bob?" may recognize that little title.
My brother and I have often quoted the specific scene from that movie where Bob tries to take Dr. Marvin's advice and take his life in baby steps.

So imagine my surprise when my real life counselor gave much the same advice!
"Gina... I think you try to take too many changes on at one time."
Seriously? Ha!

"I'm baby stepping... I'm doing the work... gimmie, gimmie, gimmie... I need, I need" :O)

So I am rethinking some of my approaches to life specifically on the eating/exercise front.
Since she wasn't the first person I respect to say something like that to me (thanks Karen Sarver), I figure I might want to listen.

So I'm going to focus on one change... probably a small change... and then add in other changes.
Yes. I probably will add in other changes eventually. But something tells me that mapping out those changes at this step in my game will lead into the control freakish need to just go ahead and try them all at once.

I'm baby stepping... I'm doing the work.

Hope y'all are all well.

As for me:
It is football season FINALLY on Saturday - SEC football begins at DWR Stadium.
Go Hogs and Amen.


Anonymous said...

Have fun at the game and yell an extra few for me. Keep baby stepping. Baby stepping out the door. Baby stepping on the bus. Before you know it, you will be sailing. : )
It's gotta be better than death therapy.

Gina said...

Oh how I love that you "get me."
Love you big mister!

Lori said...

I have that same exact problem. I think what is the point of all the minscule little progress, I want the real progress. I'm impatient and want to skip to the end, so I try to take giant steps instead of baby steps.

Some one told me years ago, "You eat an elephant one bite at a time." As bad as I hate it, that's true.

Gina said...

Oh Lori! What a great reminder.
Back a few years ago when we were having a major family crisis I would say that over and over again to my mom.
I actually have a little elephant picture on my wall for that reminder and still managed to forget! :O)

Anonymous said...

Oh that Karen Sarver.. she nails it on the head every time... It'll start getting annoying soon. Promise ;) Just kidding! You're doin good girl! By the way the fact that you said you lost 20 lbs 3 times in your last post makes me a tiny bit jealous! Nevermind the whole gaining it back thing.. I would kill to be able to lose 1 lbs right now!! Dang body of mine.. ;) Keep up the good work, you're motivating me!! :)

Gina said...

Don't be jealous friend!
You too can lose that kind of wait, if you're 80 lbs overweight.
Glad I can motivate someone cause it sure ain't working on me. :O)
Keep up the good work. Your body will cooperate eventually.

Eric Upton said...

Baby steps... It's how it starts!

You've done the hard part. Made the decision.

Proud of you still! I have all the faith in the world in your ability. You will win!

Gina said...

Thank you Eric! I means so much that you keep encouraging me because I know you have "been there, done that!"

Anonymous said...

Baby steps really work. I know I can get overwhelmed pretty quickly when I think of ALL the things I need to change in my life.

I'd like to give you a blog award. You can pick it up at my blog