Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's a Lie.

I'm thinking of recording some videos for myself.
Not for blog consumption... just for myself.
There are things that I think I need to remind myself.
There are pep talks that I am pretty sure I know by heart but can't seem to give myself when I am down.
I'm thinking I need to record some of those things for myself.
One day, when things come together a bit more, maybe they can stand as a "where I've come from" monument.
Right now. I'm just here.
Recently I've noticed that there are some places that God and I are going to have to go to again for a while.
There are some old battles that are going to need to be re-fought. There is some old ground that needs to be reclaimed.
That probably makes no sense to you. But even as I type it I realize how true it is.
We have had the pleasure of having a guest choir director for the last few weeks, Dick Hill.
In Praise Team practice tonight he said something that hit me square between the eyes.
It was about the lies that Satan accuses us with.
I've had the same well-worn accusations thrown at me for most of my life.
And for the longest time I had the tools at the ready to fight them. They bounced right off of me.
Then I stopped fighting some of them... maybe I got a bit too comfortable in my standing.
I don't know.
Somehow they gained some of their power back. I started hearing them again... being stopped by them again.
But I'm going to stop listening.
I believe that this battle I am in right now for my body and my heart is epic because God has prepared something specific for me.
God has a plan for me. He has a plan for me that is unique to me. (You have one too friend!)
Satan would do absolutely anything to stop it.
I'm. Not. Having. That!
Yes. I'm still on Psalm 81. I think I'm going to be meditating on it for a while.
Because it is a story of walking with God... then running from Him.
And it ends with His promise that in returning to Him, even after the running, He will provide.
He will be my satisfaction.
I need that.
Be blessed friends. And if you're a runner too, it's never too late to turn around.


Debbie said...

Oh my. I have been away a while...well, not really "away" physically, but emotionally I haven't been doing very well. I tend to "pull into myself" in times like that, and that's just what I did. I quit blogging, I quit reading blogs, I basically just...quit. I threw a status out there on facebook every few days, being careful to make it uplifting and encouraging because Lord knows I can't let the average facebook friend see my vulnerability, right?

I SO needed this tonight. I had started to buy into satan's lies again. I feel a blog coming on. I have held it all in too long, and it's hindering my ability to hear God.

Thank you, friend, for sharing. :)

Gina said...

I'm glad it could encourage you.
I'm struggling in the same kind of way and I too pull into myself!
You have encouraged me tonight so thank you!