Thursday, August 26, 2010

We're Not Done Yet

I'm tempted tonight to write another one of my "things normal people don't tell you" stories. And I think I will take a chance on that in a few days.  We could all use some chuckles right?

Jeff? Any ideas on stories I haven't shared yet? Cause I know you and Gem know them ALL. :O)

While we wait for suggestions...

Let's talk honesty.

Most of the time I still feel 16 and that's not in that "the hills are alive with the sound of music, everything is peachy way." It's in the "when will these people asking me for advice realize I am just a kid and don't know anything" way.

Meanwhile I need to be needed. I need to be asked for my advice so I can wax profoundly on something God has shown me. That's not trite... it is truth. God has blessed me with enough knocks that I can and WILL share with you to try to help you avoid them.

But it always, always amazes me that anyone would ask.
Because I know me. Because I know how far I still have to go.
So often I wonder about the people that are reading these words. I know there are a handful more of you now. Like I think we've gone from 4 to 8 maybe. :O)

Some of you I know. Some of you I don't know, but would love to know.
Some of you are struggling right along with me.
Some of you have your own struggle but were looking for someone who might get the "eh... life" mindset you find yourselves in.
Some of you are my family (hey, family) and wanted to make sure you keep tabs on me.

Whatever your reason, I feel honored that any of you would stick with me this far.
Because let's face it, much of what I have set out to do in the past few months I have not.
Most of the goals to the left of this little blog remain distant goals.
In the time of writing just these past few months I have LITERALLY gained and lost the same almost 20 lbs 3 TIMES. 3 TIMES people! Annoyed doesn't seem like a strong enough word for that failure. But whatever.

If you know me at all by now you know I'm going to try to shoot straight with you. Yes I am frustrated. Yes I cannot believe that I'm actually WORSE off then when I started. sigh........

But we're not done yet.
Ok - so maybe you're done... but I'm not m'kay.  :O)

The one perspective that I have gained is that as long as I don't quit there can still be a victory.


I am not quitting.

We're not done yet. We will have good days and bad here on ginabob's little blog. But we will persevere.

Pray with me y'all. It sure feels like there has to be a "give" moment soon. Please God, let it be soon.

Love you all. Thankful for your support and love.
-Gina the non-quitter


Anonymous said...

Hey lil sister. As for story ideas, I don't remember whether you shared story about the power outage. I think you already got the mouse in the kitchen floor one.

As for the blog post, I have but one thing to say about that, "You can do it!" I would type it different for accent, but I know I don't need to.

Lori said...

You have the key and you know it. Don't ever, ever quit. You can do it.

Gina said...

Jeff - BORING... however the story of the hateful mouse in the first apartment all of us shared - that'll do! Thanks for your encouragement.

Lori - Thanks for that. I appreciate you and your example and encouragement.

Dani J said...

Thanks for posting Gina. Your determination to not give up reminded me of my first two years out of college, when I pretty much did give up on a lot of things. God's brought me out of that (thank you Jesus!), but in the process has decided to address a lot of my partially healed wounds, which can be rather painful. Thanks for reminding me to persevere and to remember that there is a purpose in all of this.

Eric said...

Hey girl...

Your 'don't quit' mentality is inspiring. We all have that struggle.

Shoulders back, breathe deeply and smile.

You are going to win...

Gina said...

Thanks Eric!
Proud of you and your 5K today! Very cool.