Friday, August 31, 2007

Ahem, Attention, Yes I am still alive

Well several of you have complained that I haven’t updated in a while, ok, two of you. :O)
So I thought I would take a minute and catch everyone back up on my fascinating life.

I have a new boss - WOOHOO!!! - I think he will be a great addition to our church.
He and his wife came to visit us last week and we all really liked them.
Thankfully, he will start quickly, and get in on the fun that is Blessing Baskets!

My brother is moving to North Dakota where it is:

A. Cold
B. Almost Canada
C. Further from home!

Not that I am bitter or anything… love ya Jeff.

More friends are in the marriage and baby business. Again, not that I am bitter. :O)

I am well into my second semester of Seminary, remind me to NEVER, ever do more than 6 hours at a time. These 8 week semesters lull me into a sense of false security. IN the end of this semester I will have taken the equivalent of 13 hours - STUPID! :P

Now, onto the pressing news of the weekend. Tomorrow is the first Razorback game of the season. Praise God! Now I know in he scheme of things that football isn't super important. But it is a huge blessing to be able to go and stand with several thousand other crazy, red dressed, people and cheer on my favorite team. I literally start dreaming of this day somewhere around January 6th of each year. SO you can imagine that by September I am ready to bust. Bring on the pigskin.
Woo Pig Sooieeee! :O(
>>> Hit that Line, hit that line, keep on going!>>>
Ahhh, all is well.
Until I am badgered into posting again, I bid you a happy opening of College Football Season weekend. Oh yeah, and happy Labor Day weekend too!