Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lord of the Rings

I think I should have named 2007 The Year of the Rings. Engagement count as of July is now 4. Dang... :)
All your questions answered in one place.

News from my front - not much:
Semesters left till MDIV - 5... crud that is scary in print!
Years in current job - 1 1/2
Boss - No replacement yet
Current Staff - Down from 8 this time last year to 4
Dates - 1, unless you count the dates (figs) from my fig newton. Then... 1
Weight - HA! nope... but 50 lbs less than this time last year
Surgeries - 3 - none weight related thank you very much. :O)
Trips - none this year yet. Come on Africa!?!
Hair - Long
Teeth - still there
Dwelling - 1 bdrm apartment in little beirut
Brothers - 1 in AR, 1 to be in freakin North Dakota
Nephews - 4
Neice - 1
Moment I am most looking forward to this year = The Wed before Thanksgiving ie the day after Blessing Baskets