Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ice Storm 2010 - Update

1. Taking down the Christmas tree (I KNOW RIGHT?!?!?!?!) - DONE
2. Watching 8 hours worth of classes and 2 hours worth of presentations on OT 2 and the Poetry books of the OT. - SIGH
3. Reading Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and their corresponding chapters in said OT textbooks (somewhere close to 300 pages NOT counting the Bible itself) - I've made a GOOD clip at this and expect to be done tonight!
4. Writing a discussion board post on something... I think I should look that assignment up.  - OH - I need to look this up!
5. Pacing out my schedule to not get behind again. - NOPE
6. Figuring out my meals for next week so I don't try to fly by the seat of my pants (again to hopefully not get so behind. - NOPE
7. Praying a lot that I can keep my sanity while I figure out how to fit everything in. - YEP
8. Missing Al - cause Ice Storm 2010 keeps us both safely tucked into our apartments - YEP
9. Watching the snow fall... so my eyeballs don't explode from the stress - YEP
10. I don't think I have a 10... Wait yes... laundry and dishes. - YEP

Also - 7B - Nap... Success

And 11.. Which wasn't on there but should have been... Spend  an hour cleaning the snow off the car - CHECK!

Oh and 12 - injure myself mysteriously by slicing open my hand - check

Back to work!


karen hopkins said...

Goma - heres number 12... forget about 1-11, and go to an ice cream place that Becky and Rex know - they took me there when I was in Ark a few trips ago..So call them girl, and have them tell you what it was called... tell them we sat outside on the picnic table to eat it...
ps. Tell Becky and her man hi for me!

karen hopkins said...

haha, GINA is what that weird spell thing was supposed to say! haha

Gina said...

Will Tell R & B that you say HEY! I spell my name Goma all the time because the letters are so close. :O)