Wednesday, January 02, 2013


One of the hardest lessons to learn for some reason is that life is not about me.
We are often so “me” focused that we lose sight of that fact.
Or maybe that’s just me.  :O)

It’s a brand new year today.
Turning the calendar page over to 1/1 always brings new perspective for me.
I always end up evaluating the year that has passed.
I want to make sure that I have learned something so I don’t repeat the mistakes of the past.
2012 was a roller coaster. If you’ve been here with me for any time at all you know that quite well.
If you are just starting here for some reason, you might want to read a bit and catch up on my journey this year.
For many years I have not done a new year’s resolution. They pretty much never last anyways and have seemed pointless to me for a while.
But for about the last ten years I have named my year.
That may seem rather odd to some of you. The last couple of years I have seen others do it as well so I think it’s catching on.
It’s cleaner somehow. It seems to narrow my focus on what I want the next year to bring.
Many years my word has been my hope for the future (hope was one year all by itself…).
Last year was “healing.” It certainly lived up to its name, though I had to be broken a few times to find it.

2013’s word is “release” and it scares the fire out of me.

As with many prior years, it came to me as a shock and then was confirmed pretty quickly. I think that way I can’t talk myself out of it. :O)
In this case I honestly thought that it didn’t make sense until I found it as a prayer a few years back in my journal.
There was a prayer in which I specifically asked for release and it seemed so clear to me that this was the year for that to be answered.
But it’s scary.
I think that may not make sense from the outside. Being released from something is a good thing in these terms.
But if my year of healing taught me anything, it was that often good things come through painful things.
I'm guessing I'll come back and say more about this.
But for right now, I just want to say "Happy New Year."
Praying that 2013 is incredible for all of us.