Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Year That Flew

So once again I've got a little chunk of silence here in blog land.
I hereby apologize to my 3 readers.  :O)
2012 was dubbed the year of healing.

All along I've had an idea that this year was going to be full of surprises.
Marriage - Check - September 1st - hoping all my people can be there.
Major, Life-changing surgery - Check - June 12th
Did I mention living with a Man? - Welcome September 1st... you cannot get here soon enough. :P
Re-arranging and re-thinking how everything is done - Inevitable.

Today is May 25th, barely - 12:09 am.
Somehow this year has been the slowest and the fastest that I have ever experienced.
Since the middle of January I have been off work. Read that as zero incoming money since January 15th or so.
It's been a fight with our disability insurance as various people have drug feet and paperwork out.
It's been an incredible miracle to watch God stretch the savings that I had at the beginning of the year.
Praying that the stretch continues... but also that some money begins to draw back in!

The next few months will be a blur of pain, healing, wedding showers, moving, and wedding.

I cannot promise that I will write a word.
But I can promise that I will try!

In the mean time just know that life is moving. And if you're here close... come visit. Seriously  :O)