Friday, November 30, 2007

5 Gold Rings....

Chalk two more up on the engaged side of the world. What's the deal really? :O)
So honestly it's December almost. This is a crazy time of year. We just finished our Big Thanksgiving Ministry at the church. So now the follow up and clean up runs through December.
This year I am counting blessings. So here are a few:
1. I am SO thankful that when my car malfunctioned at 80MPH on the interstate God somehow turned me even though my wheel was stuck!
2. I am thankful that I have a super new boss and a great (and fun) staff team.
3. I am thankful that it is finally starting to feel like winter. I like the cold baby!
4. I am thankful that possibilities are all around and that God will never stop working in my life.
5. I am thankful, that I am still around to be Thankful.
Happy Christmas Season. :O)