Saturday, January 13, 2007

Who Am I Kidding

It's like -20 degrees outside and freezing rain.
I've got nothing but time
Something about 2007 has me pondering the year 2000. Remember how big of a deal it was? The world was going to end. Or at least the digital world was going to end, leaving us all living in tents and cooking with propane (and propane accessories) Ha! Ever notice how I manage to boil everything down to a cartoon or tv show? Sorry those of you who haven't seen King of the Hill and didn't catch that!
So seven years has meant a lot of changes. I've said my final goodbyes to some people that I couldn't have imagined life without. And I've added some people that now I cannot imagine life without. Friends have gotten married, had kiddos, adopted kiddos, and moved away. I have... well I... um... I have a roommate now! :O)
The only thing that remains constant really is change. Well that and God Himself. And thankfully He hasn't left me the same. I am a different person than Gina - cerca NYE 1999. I have a lot less fear and a lot more hope. I have learned to enjoy the journey that God has me on. I have learned to not make decisions based on a fear of the unknown or the past.
Now there are at least a million lessons that God and I are still working on. We all know that I am far from perfect, but God isn't going to leave me here either.
Well Happy New Years
Praying for us all to have a 2007 full of God's best!